Lance Steidl

Director of Business Development

Lance started his Lock and Load career shortly after retiring from Fox Valley Metro Police Department after 25 years of Law Enforcement. Lance and has an extensive background with his 15 year military career with the United States Army. He specializes in defense, arrest and firearms instruction. His law enforcement training enabled lance to be a specialist in Crash Reconstruction, SWAT, and Patrol Operations. Lance's military background consists of 3 combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan where he gained specific backgrounds in troop leading, civil-military operations and logistics.

Lance spent his initial time at WL&L conducting extraditions and in-state transports. His experience has lead him to become an invaluable asset to WL&L.

Lance's education, experience and accomplishments include:

  • Undergraduate degree from the University of WI-Oshkosh in Criminal Justice
  • Master’s Degree in Emergency Management and Government.
  • State Hand Gun Instructor
  • Small Arms Master Gunner
  • WI State Certified Defense and Arrest Tactics Instructor

Contact Lance for transport service quote at 920-593-6815.

Lance Steidl