Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. Have other questions? Give us a call

Who do you transport?

Men, women and juveniles at all security levels.

Do your agents have law enforcement experience?

Wisconsin Lock and Load employs both male & female agents who have extenisve backgrounds in law enforcement, corrections, and military service. We are committed to adding highly trained and skilled professionals to meet the growing needs of our business and are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

What is your safety record?

Wisconsin Lock and Load is proud to maintain a safety record free of critical incidents since our inception in 2006.

How are your agents trained?

Our agents participate in quarterly in-service to learn, develop, and refine their skills related to lethal and non-lethal defense techniques, restraint systems, de-escalation communication skills, and leadership development. In addition, all of our agents are licensed to carry firearms by the State of Wisconsin Professional Standards Board and are recognized in all 50 states and U.S. territories. Extradition agents use discreet tactics which follow TSA and FBI regulations for transporting fugitive detainees on commercial airlines.

Where do you provide services?

Wisconsin Lock and Load partners with law enforcement agencies and other community service agencies to provide services in all 50 state and U.S. territories. Our main customer base is in the State of Wisconsin.

When are you available to transport?

Wisconsin Lock and Load collaborates with our partners to customize transport schedules that fit their needs.

How do you transport?

Wisconsin Lock and Load's vehicle fleet is comprised of customized security vehicles including sedans, mini-vans, 1-ton full size vans and SUVs. Prisoners are restrained with handcuffs, belly chains, and ankle restraints. Agents use discretion when transporting other types of detainees. All of our restraints are humane restraints customized and used on an as needed basis.

Wisconsin Lock and Load also employs extradition agents who specialize in domestic air transportation services. Agents are trained to maintain a very low key and discreet approach to conducting any air transportation and work strictly within the guidelines set out by the TSA, FAA and United States Marshals Service.

How are your transport vehicles equipped and serviced?

All of our vehicles are equipped with professional prisoner transport containment systems, as well as GPS tracking and audio/video surveillance equipment. Vehicles are serviced on a regular basis by our own ASE certified auto technician.